"i believe in authenticity over perfection.  what matters most on a wedding day is celebrating love and being surrounded by your loved ones."

I believe in crying during vows and the father daughter dance.  I love capturing exquisite details and beautiful celebrations - but what matters most on a wedding day is the marriage.  A wedding day is the celebration of the beginning, and about the coming together of families. I believe in eating cake, drinking champagne, and dancing your heart out on the dance floor.  

At each wedding I photograph, I am reminded of the joy I have in being married. I get excited for my couples as they begin their lives together. Being a wedding photographer is not just a job for me. I LOVE what I do. I become emotionally invested in my couples, and I pour my heart into each wedding I am blessed to be able document.


joyful moments

You can often find me exploring the world, singing in the car, sipping coffee, and having dance parties in my living room with my two little boys. After falling in love with wedding photography as a newlywed myself, I quit my job to pursue my dream of being a full time wedding photographer in 2011. Since then I have poured my heart into telling stories of love and life though my lens, and I have never looked back.  

Life is perfectly imperfect, beautifully chaotic, and full of love - should we choose to embrace it. As in life, with my photography I strive to see beauty everywhere.

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what inspires me

I am a chaser of light.  In any situation where I am behind the camera, I am constantly looking for ways to take advantage of beautiful available light.  There's nothing more romantic than portraits in the evening light.  

glowy sunset & soft dusk light

From delicate, gauzy fabrics to rich cotton paper, I am a lover of texture.  I often shop for clothes with my hands (especially at Anthropologie), and much prefer the feel of real paper pages in books to mobile screens.

lovely textures

In a digital age, nothing is more charming and personal than a handwritten note.  As a leftie with terrible penmanship, I swoon over the art of lettering and beautiful calligraphy.  

Handwritten notes

One my favorite possessions in the world is a milk glass vase that my late grandmother kept on her desk in her dining room.  The other is my mother's opal ring that my dad gave to her on their tenth wedding anniversary.  

heirloom pieces

I am lucky to call one of the most beautiful places on earth home.  Born and raised in the Bay Area, I have spent my life exploring amazing local locations and experiencing many different cultures.  And I love that I have so much more to discover.

the golden state

Fresh flowers on my kitchen window sill never last forever.  Actually, I can't seem to keep plants alive no matter how hard I try.  Nevertheless, flowers make me happy and remind me to savor joy the present moment.

fresh flowers