the journal

Lacey & Chris

September 2, 2014

I have to admit – I have a soft spot for motorcycles.  I don’t ride myself, but I wish I did!  Taking lessons remains high on my bucket list of things to do.  But on my very first date with my husband, Brian, he handed me a helmet, I hopped on the back of his bike, and we went for a ride around town.  Man it was exhilarating – the wind in my face, feeling the acceleration in my stomach.  Brian recalls I was squeezing him so hard that he could hardly breathe, but all I remember was the joy and excitement of holding onto a handsome dude and letting him take me for a spin.

When Lacey and Chris told me that they wanted to bring Chris’ bike to their engagement session, I was all in!  Chris is a Harley guy, and they both definitely want to incorporate his bike into their wedding.  Of course we had to take some  engagement photos with it!  We met on a super windy (and surprisingly cold) August afternoon off of Skyline Blvd – a popular place for bikers to ride through the twists and turns of the mountains.

I have to say, these photos are some of my absolute favorites from an engagement session.  The wind in Lacey’s hair, the glowy light of the setting sun… and let’s face it.  Lacey and Chris are a ridiculously gorgeous couple.  Put both of them on a Harley at the end of the evening and the whole session turned out to be beautiful, hot, badass and romantic all rolled into one!